Pareshnath Shiv Mandir Mukutmanipur

Mukutmanipur Overview

It is an ideal getaway where the second largest earthen dam in India is surrounded by mysterious hillocks like a crown or “Mukut”. Nestled at the confluence of two rivers, it is famous for its necklace shaped dam in the green wrapped “Rangamati”. Blessed with the serene nature and breathtaking view of the azure water, Mukutmanipur is a hidden treasure surrounded by green forests and hillocks. Mukutmanipur Dam is considered as the second largest dam in India. Far away from crowd and commercialization, a part of Mukutmanipur still lives in the aroma of tribal culture and offers spectacular sights to the tourists. It is also considered to be a dream destination for photography. To be precise, the ‘Queen of Bankura’ is offering you a perfect holiday time to break the monotony of your hectic schedule. A dream destination for you if you like photography. It’s a bet that you can’t resist yourself from capturing marvelous frames.

Pareshnath Shiv Mandir Mukutmanipur

Pareshnath Shiv Mandir is an open temple of Mahadev as well as a holy place for local people. During the construction of the dam, the idol was found by digging the Earth and it is considered to be an evidence of Jain culture. You may see many stone idols there and people strongly believe that some of the idols were Jain deities. Many people come here to celebrate ‘Maha Shivratri’ festival. You will get the best view of mesmerising Sunset from here. The setting sun starts sinking beneath the horizon slowly. When the fiery ball comes down half into the water, its reflection in the dam made it look complete and creates a brilliant view. The clouds glow with orange hue and tweeting birds fly the nest across the sky. Make a moment for a lifetime.

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