Jhilimili-Baro Mile Forest

Jhilimili Overview

A travel from Ranibandh to Jhilimili offers a magnificent revelation to impressive forest of changeable heights on both sides on the route. The Kangsabati flows through this forest and its banks are an ideal picnic spot. The watchtower at Jhilimili offers a commanding view of the surrounding area. Jhilimili is a quiet place, and makes for a pleasant getaway for city-dwellers

Jhilimili-Baro Mile Forest

Jhilimili and Sutan Forest also known as “Baro Mile-er Jungle” is 45 KM away from Mukutmanipur and 70 km from Bankura Town. There are viewpoints scattered throughout the forest from where you will get breathtaking landscapes. You will be happy to have a talk with king sized trees like Sal, Mahua, Shimul etc. Don’t miss the chance to see live painting sessions by plenty of butterflies in nature’s canvas. Monsoon comes here in lively green attire. Relive your childhood with rain dancing with the Monsoon’s beat. There is also a particular road for elephants across the jungle.
When you are in Bishnupur, this one pinnacled ‘Bishnu’ temple is a must-see. Certainly, the temple is one of the main structural forms carrying the message of the finest terracotta art in its body. Malla Raja Durjan Singh Dev established the temple in the name of Lord Madan Mohan in 1694. This is an active temple, till date.Madan Mohan Temple is located towards the North of the old city. The Malla rulers were followers of ‘Vaishnavite’ Hinduism which considers Lord Vishnu is the principal god and thus named their capital Bishnupur or Vishnupur. Madam Mohan Temple is dedicated to Radha & Krishna (the 8th Avatar of Vishnu). Sri Krishna was the tutelary deity of the Mallas.

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