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Swabuj Deep & Bardi Pahar

Joypur Forest



Dhadkidanga & Panchmura

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Ramble through the greenish carpet of the jungle to feel the symphony of Nature; breathe under the canopy of leaves surrounded by mysterious hillocks. Immerse your soul into the azure water-body to experience what serenity exactly means and witness the mesmerizing sunset under the fiery red sky. Don’t get panicked if a rare migratory bird comes into your vision requesting for a nice snap.

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If all these of Bankura have made you excited and you started to envision your holiday plan already, you are at the perfect place. Be ready to make some unforgettable moments amidst the lavish green, tranquil hills, an adventure of the wilderness, living history, sacred pilgrimage, and tales of terracotta. The country of ‘Rangamati’ and ‘Shal-Palash’ may be the perfect catalyst for breaking the monotony of your mundane city life.

Bankura Tour Packages


Mukutmanipur, Jhilimili, Bishnupur, Susunia Hill

Mukutmanipur Packages


Kangsabati Dam, Jhilimili Forest, Sutan, Talberia

Bishnupur Tour Packages


Bishnupur, Joypur, Joyrambati, Panchmura

Susunia Tour Packages


Susunia Hill, Biharinath hill, Gangdua, Bharatpur