Chatna Basuli Temple

Susunia hill

Susunia hill nestles in southern West Bengal, India. On the way to Bankura- Purulia, this ancient hill is 10 kilometers North-East of Chhatna which is 13 kilometers distant from Bankura town.

Amidst the spectacular landscape of lavish green and red soil, Susunia hill owns a height of 1200 feet approx. The hill is a popular place for its great archeological value. Listen to those ancient tales by mysterious fossils scattered over here and there, witness proud blinking of stone-age tools, see the ‘Oldest’ rock inscription of West Bengal and incredible beauty of nature. The river, Gandheswari keeps whispering always down the hill while the ‘Palash’ dominates the place with its fiery orange hue in seasons. Unwind your mind and breathe in the solitude of pristine Nature. Guests on wings like Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Indian Pitta and many more can be seen in this place. Susunia is a home to vibrants butterflies like Golden Angel, Tawny Raja, Spotted Swordtail etc.For a nature photographer, this place is a pure bliss in Spring as this natural sanctuary glows like a Diva then.

Various forms of natural beauty are spread all over Bankura district. On one side there is Shushunia, Biharinath hill. On the other hand, there are archeological monuments in different places of the district. And there are many unknown histories associated with them. Chatna is only 10-12 km away from Bankura. Earlier the name of Chatna was Chattina or Chattinanagar. During the 14th-15th centuries, this village was the capital of a kingdom called Samantabhum. This village was founded by Shankha Roy, the feudal ruling family of Samantabhum. The ancient inscriptions of Bengal found in Shushunia hill belong to this thana area.

Chatna Basuli Temple

You may visit the ‘Basuli Temple’ that is dedicated to Goddess Basuli and is a serene place for local people. This ancient temple is also famous for the great medieval poet, Boru Chandidas and is a witness of his works on the religious movement known as Vaishnava- Sahajiya. Nice architectural view along with great historical values made the temple a must visit place.

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Chatna Basuli Temple
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